Thursday, 28 October 2010

Some Dhamma through a story of our time

How many times have you complained about your meals? Are you contented with your food? How is your food consumption? Are you aware of wasting food? If not, then how much food have you wasted? Do you still let it happen? How much food does this world waste per a minute? Food is being wasted all over the world because of our ignorance.

Food does belong to the whole world. So, you should know that you are consuming food which belongs to everyone of this world. You may think that how it could be because you are using your own money to buy food. This is another issue. Food is food; money is money. Food is for everyone including beasts but money is for someone who needs it. The Buddha said: "hunger is the greatest disease" (digaccha parama roga) and "health is the best gain" (arogya parama labha). The Buddha's teaching reminds us that food is medicine for our common frequent disease (hunger). Therefore, in a way, wasting food means increasing world hunger and decreasing health.   

Why cant we be aware of wasting food? Why can't we save some extra food for tomorrow? Why can't we reduce the hunger of fellow men?

It’s true that we cannot help all the people in the world and make everyone happy. But for sure, we can help some of them and at least make one person happy. So, it’s time for us to practice giving and sharing. We are not late. We can practice this anytime, anywhere.

Now we will turn to the story that moved me to write this note. Probably, some of you already have read or heard this news about Haiti people. It would be an old news for you. It doesn't matter whether it is new or old, you may read it for the second time and think it over. If this story is not known to you, then open your eyes, think deeply and act wisely. Please, click on the link below right and read the news. See how these helpless people in Haiti prepare their daily food just for their survival.

By reading the news on the link below, you will learn  how Haity people find their food. I am sure you won't complain about your food again and will never waste your food. Read this true story and have a self-transformation for the benefit of you and others. When I read this story, it reminded me two teachings of the Buddha. The first one is about the practice of giving (dana). The Buddha said that if people really know the benefits and importance of giving, they may not eat anything without sharing with others.

The second idea came to my mind is the teaching of the Agganna Sutta of the Dighanikaya.  In this Sutta the Buddha explains that in a particular time at the very beginning of this world, people fed on a cream like savoury earth.
Now you can think about this teaching. Some of you may not believe this Sutta thinking that it’s a myth. So, what is your view?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010