Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Dear Chang,

This "flower of prosperity" is exclusively for you because you are always very special for us!

Happy Birthday to you!
May you be blessed with happiness, good health, prosperity and longevity!

May all your dreams come true!

May the Triple Gem bless you!

The one who is handsome,
but no good conduct and human qualities,
is just like a wild flower without scent.
There are many such kind of characters among us.
But the person who is handsome,
knowledgeable and endowed with good human qualities
and good conduct, is like a fragrant and beautiful flower,
which is pleasant and lovable to all.
One of the best examples for this catergory is below right:
_/\_ Dr. Meiyang Chang ... !!! (-_-)

LIFE is like a flower

One early morning I saw this happy rose. It had blossomed just opposite of the Bodhi Tree of our monastery. This rose was so pure and fluttered its petals with a delighted-looking. When ever I see this picture, it reminds me the temporal existence of all phenomena. Though the picture still survives , the real flower is no more. All phenomena arise, temporarily exist and disappear sooner or later; so is our life.
"Puppham milayati yatha idam me - kayo tatha yati vinasabhavam" - Even as a flower does fade, so does my body come to destruction.

“Everything is impermanent; strive with diligence for your purity". (Vaya dhamma sankhara - appamadena sampadetha).
The Buddha said that "the physical body of human beings decays but not their name and clan" (Rupam jirati maccanam nama gottam na jirati).
The Buddha also said that the person who is with a bad conduct is like a dead person though he alives but the person who had a good conduct still alives though he passes away. (Appamatta na miyanti - ye pamattha yatha matha).
Kamma will follow us but not the material wealth. The ill-doer will suffer when he receives karmic retribution but the well-doer will rejoice here and here after.