Friday, 8 August 2008

The Mind

The mind is very difficult to perceive; very delicate and subtle; it moves and lands wherever it pleases. The wise one should guard his mind. The guarded mind brings happiness.



MeiYaNG CHaNG said...

Dear Venerable Dr. Chandawimala

Thank you for showing such interest in my writings and repeatedly giving me wisdom of Lord Buddha through your words. I might be a Buddhist but don't follow the teachings actively. Hence your writings bring me back to The Buddha and his teachings which stand true in all ages and times. Thank you once again :)

chandawimala said...

Dear Dr. Chang, you are a SINGER LIKE NO OTHER. We always accept you as the most compassionate SINGING DOCTOR. Since you have human qualities, what the Buddha always wanted people to develop in them, you are a GOOD Buddhist. We know that well.
Thank you very much for sending me a comment. Despite being a busy celebrity with millions of fans around you, it is very kind of you that you spent a littlie time for sending me a comment. You are such a great IDOL. I always wish your success. May you be well and happy! Whatever you wish and aspire, may all your expectations come true soon as the waxing moon!